Gold Train Slots

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Types3-reel, video, progressive
ThemesClassic Slot Symbols, Train

Pragmatic Play presents Gold Train Slots, a new video slot with a very smooth polished look, which can offer hours of fun. It has 3 reels and 3 paylines. The reels almost completely cover the screen, the background being this dark, silky, shade of violet. The design is filled with machine-like details such as nuts, bolts, wheels and bells protruding from the reels. Next to the title, there is a small image of the golden train itself. The player can enter a spin with up to 10 coins. Coin value starts at 1 cent and can go as high as 50 cents. The game features 9 symbols, 3 of which are special and have a variety of profitable effects and 8 of which deliver payouts. There is a single very entertaining bonus feature with huge potential for profits.

Symbols of the Gold Train

The wild of the game is the Train. On the symbol, you can see the front part of the locomotive and it is beautiful, consisting of metallic gold, red and black parts. The white smoke comes out from each side and at first sight it almost looks as if you are staring at angel wings. The chimney of the machine is the "I" in the WILD sign located at the top part of the icon. The Train is capable of replacing the rest of the symbols in the game with the exception of the scatter symbol and the upgrade symbol. The wild pays 5 coins for 2 symbols and 500 coins for 3 symbols. Then, there is the triple red 7 symbol, which delivers 4 coins for 2 symbols and 30 coins for 3 symbols. The driver's beautiful hat, shining in black, gold and royal blue colors, delivers 3 coins for 2 symbols and 24 coins for 3 symbols. The red and green flag symbol pays 3 coins for 2 symbols and 20 coins for 3 symbols. The bronze bell symbol delivers 1 coins for 2 symbols and 15 coins for 3 symbols. The triple BAR symbol delivers 1 coins for 2 symbols and 10 coins for 3 symbols. The double BAR offers 8 coins for 3 symbols and the single BAR gives 5 coins for 3 symbols.

Features of Gold Train Slots

The scatter symbol depicts the "SCATTER" sign on a metal surface sign with exquisitely carved train station marks around it. If at least 3 scatters appear on the reels the so-called Progressive Bonus Feature will be activated. The feature will award prizes randomly. Every prize will be attached to a carriage. There can be at least 10 carriages in this bonus round. During the base game, an Upgrade symbol will show up. It involves the "UPGRADE" sign being carved in a gold metal surface, similarly to the scatter. Whenever it appears on the third reel it will give the player between 4 and 10 more carriages (prizes) for the next bonus feature that will be activated (or not). The player can receive as many carriages as he or she wants, as long as the Upgrade symbol keeps landing on the reels in normal spins. The Upgrade symbol however can also appear in the bonus game instead of a prize in the carriages and when that happens it again awards at least 4 and as many as 10 more prizes. So, simply put, you will definitely have 10 carriages filled with awards and from then on every Upgrade symbol you receive within the bonus feature and the base game will add at least 4 carriages more per symbol.

Gold Train Slots looks like a very promising, very interestingly designed game in terms of gameplay and its looks, offering exceptional variety because of its small coin size but huge coin number and providing one truly unique bonus feature that literally has no limits to the size and number of its awards.